Monday, 16 October 2017

Project Report/ Business Plan Report

Whenever a new project or programme for expansion or diversification is to be undertaken, it is thoroughly studied and a report upon this study explaining the features of the project is made. This report is called the Project Report. It gives a detailed report about the various aspects of a proposed project. It is made by the promoters after collecting and studying, all the details of a proposed project. This report gives details about the technical, financial, marketing and management aspects of the business plan. It is made in order to keep all the relevant information collectively for the consideration of experts so that they can decide upon the viability of the project. It is also necessary to prepare a project report in order to get a loan from a financial institution or a bank. The report is studied by the experts of the bank who decide on the basis of the report, whether to give a loan or not. A project report is generally made by an expert and contains the following information.

1. Name, address, and other details of the business unit.
2. A brief summary of the proposed project.
3. The important features of the project on which successful implementation of the project depends.
4. Financial aspects of the project in detail.
5. The total income and net profit expected.
6. The technical details of the project.
7. The method of marketing of the product and the competition that it will face.
8. The impact and importance of the project on national economy and government assistance, if any.
9. The financial position of the company.


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